In the previous post, we talked about one of the talks I gave at the Index Developer Conference last week. In this post, we share the materials from the other one, titled How we built a global search engine for genetic data.

The session was scheduled in the Real-life production deployments track. Unlike the talks I usually give, this was an all-slides talk with no live-coding elements. It was a case study of the Beacon Network, the largest search and discovery engine of human genetic mutations developed by DNAstack under the umbrella of the Global Alliance for Genomics & Health (GA4GH). We talked about genetics, reasons for building the system, the evolution of the underlying Beacon Protocol, the architecture and functionality of the Beacon Network, as well as some fun usage statistics of this global service. The talk felt great, the feedback and engagement were awesome, and the discussion after the session was very interesting.

The recording is available here:

The slides are available online (download here):

Huge thanks to IBM for having me at this fun event!