By default, WildFly has a 5-minute timeout for application deployment. This might not be enough for some enterprise applications, or if your application executes some lengthy operation during deployment, for example upon database initialization. In cases like these, you might see the following error in the log of your server:

To increase the timeout, there are 2 properties you might be interested in adjusting - timeout for the management module (read from a system property), and timeout for the deployment scanner (only used in standalone mode). The following CLI snippet takes care of both, using the value of 15 minutes (=900 seconds) for the timeouts:

Alternatively, you can adjust your WildFly configuration (e.g. standalone.xml) as follows:

Note that is an integer, i.e. its maximum value is 2147483 (almost 25 days). The value of deployment-timeout is long, see the deployment scanner configuration for more details. This example has been tested with WildFly 10, but the setup should be basically the same for other versions.