Index Developer Conference is a new conference organized by IBM to promote software development as a craft. The event took place at the Moscone Center, San Francisco, a popular software conference venue, on February 20-22, 2018. This was my first conference of the year and I was very excited about being invited to give 2 talks in 2 different tracks (thanks, IBM!). In this post, we summarize the first of the 2 sessions titled Exploring Java 9 with REPL.

Exploring Java 9 with REPL in the Programming languages and platforms track was a live-coding session focused on introducing interesting Java 9 APIs. We covered updates to 4 existing APIs – Collections, Stream, CompletableFuture, and Optional – as well as 4 new APIs in Java 9 – Stackwalker, ProcessHandle, HTTP/2 client, and JShell itself. I had a great time giving the talk, the feedback was very positive, and discussion in the hallway after the talk was interesting – thanks to all the attendees!

The session was streamed live and a recording is available here:

As usual, the slides are available online (download here):

If you want to try the examples yourself, feel free to use the export of my JShell session: