FSTOCO is a Toronto-based full-stack software conference focused on web development. It’s a 3-day annual event featuring more than 40 talks and speakers in 3 parallel tracks – client side, server side, and UX – with a few exceptions covering things like team skills and Blockchain. This year was my first time attending, and I was fortunate enough to come as a speaker – huge thanks to the FSTOCO team for this opportunity!

My 45-minute talk, titled Effective Prototyping with Java 9, was a part of the server-side track and focused on how to effectively work with JShell. JShell is Java’s implementation of REPL, which makes writing prototypes faster and easier. This was a live-demo session demonstrating prototyping with various smaller and less-known APIs in JDK 9, including convenience factory methods for collections, process handles, stackwalker, HTTP/2 client, and more.

The talks at FSTOCO were not recorded, but feel free to check out my slides (PDF):

The transcript of the live demo is available as well: