Last week, I had the opportunity to speak at the Toronto Java Users Group (TJUG). We had a full house, and overall great feedback – thank you, TJUG, for having me!

TJUG is a meetup for Java practitioners covering the latest and greatest things in the Java ecosystem. It’s a monthly event taking place on the last Thursday of every month, and it’s always a lot of fun – come and join us next time at the Free Times Cafe in Toronto!

My talk, titled Exploring Java 9 APIs with JShell, was a live exploration of 8 new or updated APIs in JDK 9, condensed into 50 minutes. All the examples were written in JShell, Java’s implementation of REPL, which is a tool designed for fast and easy API exploration, and something I like to talk about. This was an extended version of my talk at JavaOne covering more examples and APIs. In the session, we studied the new convenience factory methods for collections, updates to the Optional API, new Stream API features, CompletableFuture enhancements, Stackwalker, the new Process API, HTTP/2 client, as well as the API of JShell itself.

Check out the recording:

View the slides (PDF):

Try the examples from the demo: